OTP will no longer be required for WhatsApp verification, new Flash Calls feature is coming

WhatsApp is rolling out a new Flash Calls feature. Through this, now OTP will not be required for verification while logging in. With the help of Flash Calls, you will be log in in less time. However, this feature is only for Android users.


Soon users are going to get a new feature in WhatsApp. According to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature that will not require OTP (One Time Password) for verification and will enable quick login. Also Read – Gift to Jio users, now you will be able to do WhatsApp calling from JioPhone

This feature is currently in the development phase and it has been name Flash Calls. It has been spot on Android BT version With the help of the new feature Flash Calls, there will be automatic verification through calls while logging in to WhatsApp. This will also take less time and will also avoid scams through OTP.

How will this feature of WhatsApp work?

If you are wondering how WhatsApp’s Flash Calls feature will work, then let us tell you that while logging in to WhatsApp with the automatic verification method, the account will be automatically verified through Flash Calls instead of OTP. Also Read – The Family Man Season 2 has arrived on Amazon Prime Video, this is how you will get a subscription by spending less

WhatsApp will ask you for permission during this process to access your phone’s logs, to make and manage calls. He will call your mobile number and then verify that the last number in your phone log is equal to the number which gives you the six-digit code. As per the report, the number will be different every time. WhatsApp will not use call history for any other purpose.

Not available for these users

This feature will be available only for Android users. iPhone users will not be able to take advantage of this feature, as Apple does not provide any public API to access call history. It has also been told in the reports that Flash Calls is an optional feature. Users will also be able to log in using the process currently being used for verification. Apart from this, the company is also bringing many new features to improve the user experience.

Rolled Out Playback Speeds Feature

Recently, the company has rolled out a new feature Playback Speeds Feature to play voice messages in three different speeds. With this, users can listen to voice messages by playing them at three times the speed. Apart from this app, it is also for WhatsApp Web.

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