Copy Layout and Sensitivity setting in Battlegrounds Mobile India, just one code will work

Like the global version, Battlegrounds Mobile India also has an option to copy sensitivity settings and layout settings. Players can copy sensitivity and layout settings through the share code. Know its complete process from below.


Battlegrounds Mobile India’s early access has arrived a long time ago and since then players are eagerly waiting for its final release. Like PUBG Mobile, users get an option in this too, from which they can copy the sensitivity and layout settings. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Top 5 Assault Rifles, Which Will Make Winning Easy

Players do not have to do much for this. They can simply copy the sensitivity setting and layout setting to their BGMI account with a share code. Having the right sensitivity setting and layout helps players a lot in the battlefield. If you don’t know about it or you don’t know how to copy layout setting then you can read this article. Also Read – 5 Special Weapons Of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Which Will Give ‘Chicken Dinner’ To New Players Too

How to copy layout and sensitivity settings in Battlegrounds Mobile India

How to copy both the settings in Battlegrounds Mobile India is explained below. They can do this by following these steps. Also, Read – When will Battlegrounds Mobile India launch? Know what the reports say

how to copy layout

To copy the layout in BGMI, the user must first go to the game’s settings and go to the Control tab.
After that click on the Gear/Settings icon given next to the layout currently in use.
Then players have to click on Search Method. Doing so will open a dialog box.
In this, 19 digit share code will have to be written. After pasting the share code, click on OK. Here you will also get an option for preview.

Follow this method to copy Sensitivity settings

To copy the Sensitivity settings, players must first go to the Settings of the BGMI game and go to the Sensitivity tab.
Then scroll down and come down and click on Layout Management option. After that click on Search Method.
Now a pop-up will appear in front of you. Here the players have to enter the Cloud Layout Share Code.

Share your code like this

To share your code, you also get a Share option in Settings. Users can find the code by clicking on it. By doing this they can share their layout and sensitivity code with their friends.

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