WhatsApp Privacy Policy full story of the dispute, know the complete events from January to June

The WhatsApp Privacy Policy dispute started earlier this year and is not over yet. Recently, the Government of India asked WhatsApp to withdraw the policy. In response to which the company said that until the PDP law is made in India. Then no users will have any problem in running WhatsApp. Let us tell you the full story of the WhatsApp privacy controversy.


The dispute of WhatsApp Privacy Policy has been going on since the beginning of this year. The dispute, which started from the first week of January 2021, is still continuing. However, after the strict form of the Government of India. WhatsApp has said, ‘Until the PDP (personal data protection) i.e. personal data protection law is implemented in India. It will not limit its function to any user. . Let us tell you the whole incident of this big controversy. Also Read – Calling apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Skype will now have to take license, DoT created plan ..!

The dispute started from the first week of this year. WhatsApp sent a notification to its users around the world, including India. It said that the company is preparing a new privacy policy, which will have to be accepted by February 8.

Under WhatsApp Privacy Policy, user data, such as mobile number, e-mail ID, phone model, location information. Including sharing of personal information with Facebook-owned companies – Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and third party talk It was say. The company had said that the WhatsApp account of the user who does not accept this policy will be suspended. Also Read – A tremendous feature in WhatsApp, now you can hear voice messages in three times the speed

There was a huge protest around the world

Hundreds of users disputed this policy and said that through it, the company will also share chats or conversions, photos or videos shared on WhatsApp, etc. with Facebook and third parties. The controversy erupted with users from India and other countries and started switching to other instant messaging apps such as Telegram, Signal etc. Also Read – Indian government’s strong response to twitter, said rules will have to be accepted under all circumstances

Deadline deferred until May 15

The company had postponed the last date of acceptance of the policy from 8 February to 15 May, due to heavy opposition to the new privacy policy in the whole world including India. After this, the company continuously started explaining the details of the new privacy policy to each user through the status and notifications. WhatsApp released a statement saying that people’s personal chats remain in encrypted form, which neither third party WhatsApp nor Facebook can access. WhatsApp has also created a FAQ page to provide detailed information.

Government of India asked to withdraw the policy

While explaining the privacy policy, WhatsApp had told users that till May 15, those who will not accept their policy, some other functions including WhatsApp calling on their account will not work. After this, in January 2021 itself, the Government of India had sought an answer from WhatsApp on the new privacy policy and asked to withdraw it.

WhatsApp dispute went to Delhi High Court

Meanwhile, several judges were also fill in the Delhi High Court against the WhatsApp privacy policy. The court had said that the new WhatsApp policy is different for Indian and European users, indicating discrimination. Because of this it violates Indian IT law and regulations. Now the next hearing of this matter will be on June 3.

Government warns of legal action

Now in May 2021, this controversy once again caught fire as the date for accepting the policy had come to a close. This time the Government of India directly wrote a letter to Whats App and said that it will have to withdraw its new privacy policy. If it does not do so, the Indian government will take legal action. The government had given 7 days to Whats App to respond to this letter written on 18 May.

Whatsapp changed its stand

On Monday, WhatsApp, while replying to this letter, told the government that until the PDP (personal data protection) ie Personal Data Protection Act is implemented in India, it will not limit its function to any user and Will keep updating its users from time to time.

No facilities for any users will be close

The Government of India told Whats App. That the new change in privacy policy has reduced the confidence of Indian users about the privacy of personal information. The Indian Ministry of Communications had earlier written a letter to Whats App CEO Will Cathcart in January asking him to withdraw the new privacy policy. Now this case depends on the hearing of the Delhi High Court and the implementation of the PDP policy. However, by then users can use Whats App without worrying.

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