What did WhatsApp say about the privacy policy in the Delhi High Court? you should know these things

Once the app has spoken in the Delhi High Court on WhatsApp Privacy Policy. WhatsApp said that it has already stopped implementing its updated privacy policy. Learn about the case in detail.


WhatsApp told the Delhi High Court on Friday that they have put their new privacy policy on hold and it will not affect Indian users. A hearing is going on in the Delhi High Court on the petition of Facebook and WhatsApp against the inquiry of CCI. During this hearing, WhatsApp has said this. The controversy over WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy has been going on for a long time. The app announced its privacy policy in January this year. Also Read – No more data will be spent during WhatsApp calls, enable this feature

Along with this, the app also gave an ultimatum to the users that either they accept the policy or they will not be able to use their account. However, after protests, WhatsApp suspended its privacy policy, but in February, the company once again started sending reminders to users. Against this, advocates of privacy, the government, and many others raised their voices.

What is the controversy regarding WhatsApp Privacy Policy?

Facebook and WhatsApp filed a petition in the Delhi High Court against the complaint, but before that, the company had stopped implementing the new policy. Let us know what is the privacy policy of WhatsApp and should you accept it?

1.Senior advocate Harish Salve, appearing for WhatsApp in the Delhi High Court, said, “We have already put our privacy policy on hold till the data protection bill is introduced.”

2.Nobody’s WhatsApp account will be deleted and no one will be able to access WhatsApp because of the May 15 update,” he said. “If you don’t accept the updated policy, WhatsApp won’t delete your account.

3.The new policy was to come into effect from May 15 and WhatsApp said it would gradually limit functionality.

4.WhatsApp had said that other apps collect the same or more information.

5.After the new policy came into force in January, users feared that their data could be shared with Facebook. It also includes many data like the phone numbers of users.

6.WhatsApp later said that it would not share data with Facebook and that only messages sent from business accounts would be affected after the new policy.

7.In an FAQ, WhatsApp said that most users have accepted the new privacy policy.

8.WhatsApp also said that individual chats will remain end-to-end encrypted. Even the messaging platform cannot read these messages.

9.Similarly, WhatsApp calls are also encrypted and no one can listen to them.

10.It is not known whether the legal case in India will have any impact on WhatsApp’s decision.

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