These 5 things you must know before the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is going to be launch in India soon. Pre-registration for Android gamers has started. iPhone gamers will have to wait a bit for the time being, but soon the downloading link can be released for them too. Let us tell you five important things about this game.


The launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India has been announced. Krafton Inc has announced Battlegrounds Mobile India as the rebranded version of PUBG. The company has also started pre-registration for Android users in India from May 18. The game is expect to be launch next month. Also Read – 0.21.0 APK link rolled out for PUBG Mobile Lite, new features will be available

Five important information of Battlegrounds Mobile India

PUBG fans have been happy since the announcement of the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, but Krafton has not yet given details of the game to gamers. Let us give you 5 such information, which PUBG FANS should know. Also Read – Battlegrounds Mobile India launch date leaked, things like PUBG Mobile seen in teaser

  • The new game will be like PUBG: Battlegrounds Mobile India is similar to the remake of PUBG. Crafton has requested the fans not to treat the game like a pub and avoid getting ban again. Battlegrounds Mobile India launched its map teaser this week and was similar to PUBG Map. The new map is name ERANGLE instead of Erangel.
  • Battleground Mobile India launch date: Despite much speculation, Crafton may launch Battleground Mobile India on 10 June. In the teaser poster released on May 9, the PUBG Level 3 helmet was see covering the Sun like an eclipse. Because of this, rumors arose on social media that Solar Eclipse will be observe on 10 June and Battleground Mobile India can be launch on the same day.
  • Advantage of pre-registration: The pre-registration link of the Battleground Royal game is available on the Play Store for Android users. Gamers can pre-register and take advantage of special gifts including Recon Mask, Recon Outfit, Celebration Expert Title and 300 AG.
  • Battleground pre-registration link for iPhone: Battleground Mobile India pre-registration is not currently available for iOS devices. However, according to new reports, the game is also being develop for Apple’s operating system. IPhone users can also get a direct download link.

PUBG Mobile (Global) data may be useless: Unlocked skin and rewards gamers may have to leave while playing PUBG Mobile (Global).

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