IT rules 2021: What are the new IT rules? What is ‘upset’ about WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter

IT rules 2021: What is Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules 2021? Know the new rules for Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp and Twitter and other social media platforms, know the complete details.

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The Indian government introduced IT rules in February this year with some changes, adding some new rules to social media platforms. The government gave time till 25 May to these platforms. The new rules have come into force from May 26, after which the government can take legal action on these social media platforms if the rules are not follow. Now the question comes that what is there in the new rules.

On 25 February, the Government of India notified IT rules 2021. These rules have been apply to other social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Twitter. The government said at the time, “The new rules have empowered ordinary users of social media, and they have a suitable system for redressal and timely resolution of their grievances.” Let us know what is in the new rules and social media platforms What will need to be done.

IT rules 2021: know details:

  • As such, social media platforms will have to appoint a Chief Compliance Officer, who will be responsible for ensuring compliance with the Act and the rules. Such a person must be a resident of India.
  • Appointment of a nodal contact person for 24 × 7 coordination with law enforcement agencies. Such a person will be a resident of India.
  • A Resident Grievance Officer has to be appoint, who will do the work mention under the Grievance Redressal Mechanism. Such a person will be a resident of India.
  • A monthly compliance report has to be publish, detailing the complaints received and action taken on the complaints, as well as the details of the content removed promptly by the major social media intermediaries.
  • Major social media platforms, primarily serving as messaging, will have to enable identification of the issuer of information for the first time. That is, instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp have to find the origin of a message.
  • According to the new rule, the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the country, friendly relations with other countries, or offenses related to public order or related to the above or related to rape, sexual content or child sexual exploitation material, at least Punishment of up to five years of imprisonment is necessary for the prevention, detection, investigation, trial or motion of punishment on those promoting offenses related to it.
  • Major Saushal Media platforms will have to publish their office contact address in India on their website or mobile app or both.
  • Users wishing to have their accounts voluntarily verified will have to provide a proper mechanism for verification of accounts and provide verification sign.
  • Whenever a major social media platform has deleted or disabled access to any information on its own. In such a situation, the person sharing that information will be inform in which the basis and reason of this action will be explained in detail. Users should be give ample and reasonable opportunity to oppose the action taken by the platforms.

Removal of unlawful information: Upon receipt of the actual information being notified by the appropriate government or its agencies, as ordered by the court or through an authorized officer, it should not be nurtured or published by the Mediators who are responsible for the sovereignty and integrity of India. , Public order, prohibition under any law in relation to the interest of friendly relations with other countries, etc. Also Read – PM Berojgari Bhatta Yojana 2021: Message viral on WhatsApp, government giving Rs 3500 to unemployed?

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