indian government’s strong response to twitter, said rules will have to be accepted under all circumstances

The Indian government said on Twitter that it would have to abide by Indian law. He is conspiring to defame India with false accusations. Twitter refused to accept the new social media guidelines created by the Indian government. Let us give you complete information about this news.


The Government of India has once again given a strong reply to Twitter. The government has said that, Twitter is trying to discredit India. In fact, the Indian government has created new guidelines for social media, which Twitter does not want to follow. Also Read – Twitter stopped taking verification request, will have to wait for Blue Tick

Now the IT Ministry has given its answer saying that, Twitter will have to follow the rules made by India. The government said that, every country has the exclusive right to make laws and policies. So Twitter cannot interfere in India’s legal policies.

Government of India responds to Twitter

Apart from this, the Indian government has denied the allegations made by Twitter saying that. Twitter is just a social media platform and cannot force India to accept its terms. The government said that Twitter is trying to undermine India’s law and order and is refusing to follow the same rules. On the basis of which it is protected from criminal responsibility. Also Read – IT rules 2021: What are the new IT rules? What is ‘upset’ about WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter

The government further said that India is a big userbase for Twitter and it also gets a lot of revenue from India, yet it does not want to appoint its own complaint officer in India. IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “The rules made by India are not arbitrary and they respect the right of people to ask questions.”

Twitter refuses to obey the Indian rules

Twitter had said that it would not follow the new guidelines created by the Indian government to curb criminal activities. Twitter had accused the Indian government that it was concerned about the safety of its employees in India and the freedom of expression. Twitter gave this statement after the action taken by the Delhi Police at its office in Delhi.

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